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AutoAdministrator provides support for automating many common administrative tasks on remote computers including:




ODBC Update
Copy DSN
Delete DSN
Query DSN


Password Update
Change Password
Reset Password
Verify Password


Shutdown / Reboot
Schedule shutdown
Schedule reboot
Cancel scheduled shutdown / reboot


Services Update
Control Service
Query service status
Start service
Stop service
Continue service
Pause service
Restart service
Configure Service
Disable service
Change startup mode
Remove Service
Change logon


Registry Update
Add value
Delete value
Change value
Read value
Add key
Delete key
Copy key


File Management
Copy files
Delete files


File Information


Logged on Users        


Execute Processes




Other Features

Support for user-defined custom groups
All actions can be logged to a text file
Intuitive interface
Custom groups can be manipulated via drag-and-drop
Application settings and custom groups are automatically saved upon exit and restored when re-launched
User-defined presets allow the user to save/load GUI states