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Read This First

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Please read this CAREFULLY before using AutoAdministrator


AutoAdministrator can help automate many tasks and save significant amounts of time, but it can also wreak havoc on networks. This tool is only recommended for experienced system administrators and network professionals.


AutoAdministrator is no different than other system utilities that modify system settings in that respect, except for one key difference: AutoAdministrator can make changes to potentially hundreds of computers with the click of a button.



Many of the actions performed with AutoAdministrator cannot be undone!


In general, any action performed by AutoAdministrator should be assumed to be able to cause a irreversible side-effect. Only those actions specifically designated as "read-only" in this manual should be considered safe. The actions listed below are designed to make changes to multiple remote systems and cannot be undone. Other actions (e.g. "Execute Process") may alter remote systems depending on user input.


ODBC Update: Updating ODBC drivers can potentially corrupt the ODBC setup on the remote machine and might require reinstalling the respective ODBC driver. "Attempt to copy driver files" and "Copy additional drivers" should only be selected if the files the ODBC driver(s) require are known. AutoAdministrator does not provide a mechanism to undo a "Delete DSN" operation.


Password Update: When changing passwords make sure to remember the new password.


Service Update: Removing a service cannot be reversed, especially when also removing the service file.


Shutdown / Reboot: When shutting down or rebooting servers, a timeout of 5 minutes or more is recommended so that users or administrators on those machines have enough time to abort the action, if necessary.


Registry Update: Deleting keys or values on multiple machines can render those installations unusable. Even adding keys and values to the registry can create undesirable behavior. Extreme caution should be exercised when making any kind of registry change to multiple computers.


File Management: If "Overwrite existing files" is selected then remote files will be silently overwritten. Care must be taken to ensure that files are not accidentally overwritten. "Delete files" will delete files on the remote system. This action cannot be undone.