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If logging is enabled, a detailed log of all activity is written to one or more log files, depending on which log file options are selected.


Session Log

The session log records detailed information about any action performed, including:


Date/Time when action was performed
User who performed action
Source computer
Details about action performed (dialog settings)
Summary information, including total duration and average processing time


There is only one session log, and multiple sessions are appended to the same file.


Example session log:



AutoAdministrator Activity Log

Date Start: Fri Feb 19 12:44:42 2010

User: DOMAIN.LOCAL\john.smith



Feature: Execute Processes

Executable: C:\Tools\plink.exe

Arguments: -l root -pw canttellyou! $HOSTNAME "uname -a"

Process timeout (s): 120

netbsd.unix.local : Exit code: 0  Elasped time (s): 0.76804 NetBSD  5.0 NetBSD 5.0 (GENERIC) #0: Sun Apr 26 18:50:08 UTC 2009 i386  Using keyboard-interactive authentication.  

freebsd.unix.local : Exit code: 0  Elasped time (s): 0.72804 FreeBSD freebsd71.unix-dev.netikus.local 7.1-RELEASE-p6 FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE-p6 #0: Tue Jun  9 16:26:47 UTC 2009  i386  Using keyboard-interactive authentication.  

openbsd.unix.local : Exit code: 0  Elasped time (s): 1.0111 OpenBSD openbsd45.unix-dev.netikus.local 4.5 GENERIC#0 i386


AutoAdministrator Activity Log Summary

Duration: 3 second(s)

Average Time: 1 second(s)



Activity Logs

Unlike the session log, activity logging creates one or more CSV files (separated with the | character) that contain the feature output. The CSV file contains the following information:


Host Name
Result Summary


Activity logging creates at most one log file per day and feature, with a file name of YYYY-MM-DD_<Feature>.log, for example 2010-02-03_Services.log.


Example activity log, after running "uname" through plink.exe:


Timestamp|Host Name|Result Summary|Result

Fri Feb 19 13:00:55 2010|freebsd.unix.local|Ok|Exit code: 0  Elasped time (s): 0.59003 FreeBSD  Using keyboard-interactive authentication.  

Fri Feb 19 13:00:55 2010|netbsd.unix.local|Ok|Exit code: 0  Elasped time (s): 0.78905 NetBSD  Using keyboard-interactive authentication.  

Fri Feb 19 13:00:55 2010|openbsd.unix.local|Ok|Exit code: 0  Elasped time (s): 0.89405 OpenBSD


Ping Before Update

This option attempts to ping remote machines before applying updates. If the ping fails the machine is skipped. This is useful for updating machines that may not be online, as the ping will fail faster than an update attempt would.


Language Preference

Allows the user to change the language preference. This change will not go into effect until the application is restarted. The list is initialized based on *.qm files found at program initialization. AutoAdministrator currently supports the following languages for the user interface:


English (default)


Worker Thread Count

The number of updates that may be pending at any one time. Once this limit is reached no additional updates will begin until a pending update has completed.