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AutoAdministrator lets you query or update a variety of Windows settings and services across any number of servers and/or workstations, without the need to create a script or perform the actions manually. Simply select the feature, computers (it integrates with Active Directory) and click start. Features include file management, file queries, shutdown/reboots, password management, network connectivity checks, registry management, service management as well as ODBC management.

If you are in charge of 10 or more servers and workstations, then AutoAdministrator is a must-have.

Automating tasks like these usually involves writing a script, which can take a lot of your time. With AutoAdministrator you can perform tasks, such as setting registry values on multiple computers, with a few clicks and no hassle! Using AutoAdministrator can save you hours of your time that you would otherwise spend on mundane tasks.

 Core AutoAdministrator features:
  • Copy or delete files and folders from remote machines
  • Query remote files for information and attributes
  • Reboot or shutdown multiple machines
  • Add, copy, set, remove and query registry parameters
  • Control, query and delete services
  • Query, change or reset user account passwords
  • List or count locally logged on users
  • Verify network connectivity to remote hosts using ping
  • Roll out an ODBC DSN configurations
  • Import computers from files, the network neighborhood, EventSentry and Active Directory!
Additional Features:

The update process itself is fully threaded, making it possible to push updates in a very short time, even to a large amount of computers.

Another new feature is the ability to create presets, making it a snap to repeat common tasks. Simply configure the feature (e.g. query service W3SVC), select the computers and save it as a preset. The next time you open AutoAdministrator, you can simply select the preset and click “Update”.

Examples of what you can do with AutoAdministrator in seconds:

  • Determine the Operating System on all servers with the QUERY REGISTRY VALUE feature    screenshot
  • Query the status of a windows service on all machines    screenshot
  • Change the Administrator password on multiple machines    screenshot
  • Copy one or more files to remote machines
  • Compare files on multiple hosts    screenshot
  • Ping remote hosts    screenshot
  • Reboot a group of servers
  • Remove a service and its service file from a group of servers
All these tasks typically take only seconds to complete, saving you hours of your time.

Read more about AutoAdministrator at our EventLogBlog.

AutoAdministrator is an incredible time-saver for anybody who manages more than 10 computers, whether they are servers or workstations. It's the ONLY tool for system administrators to instantly view or change Windows settings on multiple hosts without scripting.

Price per license: USD 69. Price includes support and product maintenance for one year!

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