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EventSentry Light is the freeware version of EventSentry, a Win2k/XP/Win2k3/Vista/Win2k8/Win7/Win2k12/Win8 efficient and reliable monitoring suite which monitors event logs, log files, performance, services, diskspace and more! Also includes a syslog and snmp trap daemon, and supports environment monitoring with optional sensors.

Date, Size & Version:Fri, 11 Apr 2014    30.8 MB    v3.0.1.78
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Documentation:  Click Here

AutoAdministrator is a real time saver for administrators and network professionals. It allows you to perform a number of configuration tasks on multiple machines, including changing passwords, rolling out ODBC DSN names, controlling services, rebooting servers and setting/reading registry values. AutoAdministrator is shareware, don't forget to get a trial key from here.

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Documentation:  Click Here

The EventSentry SysAdmin Tools include over 25 utilities that help system administrators with their daily tasks. Manage stored credentials of services and scheduled tasks, find alternate data streams, manage passwords on workstations, view event log properties, monitor TCP/IP traffic, verify database and HTTP connections, and much more. Limited version also available on Linux, OS X and FreeBSD.

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:windows:  :linux:  :freebsd:  :osx: 

Gateway IP Monitor is particularly useful for users with a DSL/cable internet connection who would like to be notified when the IP address of their (or their customers) gateway changes. The service monitors your default gateway''s ip address by periodically connecting to a web page on the Internet. Gateway IP Monitor will notify you by email when the ip address changes, and also supports a log file and launching custom processes.

Date, Size & Version:Mon, 23 Jun 2008    1.2 MB    6770 downloads    v1.40
Download Link(s):
:please login (windows):
Documentation:  Click Here

Perl script which emails subversion log entries (svn history) to subscribers.

Date, Size & Version:Wed, 29 Aug 2012    3 KB    v1.0
Download Link(s):

Includes configuration files and software for the document Linux-Mailserver-Installation.pdf (see the GUIDES SECTION)

Date, Size & Version:Thu, 4 Dec 2003    430 KB    
Download Link(s):

Backup the configuration of your Linux and Solaris servers. This shell script backs up most configuration files and puts everything into one .tar.gz archive. Tested with RedHat and Solaris.

Date, Size & Version:Fri, 15 Nov 2002    9 KB    
Download Link(s):
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