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Execute Processes

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Executes processes on the local system and displays their output inside AutoAdministrator.


"Execute Processes" is intended to work with command-line utilities that work against remote hosts, and as such accept host names or IP address as part of their command-line input. Example of such tools are the Sysinternals Suite and the PuTTY tools.


For example, using psexec.exe, AutoAdministrator can remotely execute processes on remote computers with a single click and show their output (if any) in AutoAdministrator. When working with Unix networks, AutoAdministrator can utilize a tool like plink.exe to execute commands on a remote Unix host and display the output inside AutoAdministrator.





File to execute on the local machine.



Arguments passed to the process. $HOSTNAME will be replaced with the name of the host being processed.


Process Timeout

The maximum number of seconds the process will be allowed to run. Set to 0 to indicate no timeout.


Show Process on Desktop

If checked, shows the process' window on the desktop.