NETIKUS.NET is a privately held, growing software company located in the Chicago loop (US), which was founded in 2002. We develop commercial software, freeware software, and provide our customers with free tutorials and free online services such as myeventlog.com and our blog.

Unlike other software products, we develop our applications in direct response to requests and feedback from Systems Administrators "in the field." The development of our software goes full circle: it is they who shape our software and it is you, the systems administrator, who benefits.

NETIKUS.NET is privately held, self-sustaining, profitable and debt-free.

Our Software

We strive to develop affordable and easy-to-understand software solutions that make the management of your IT infrastructure as easy as possible. We are currently developing four applications, three of which are also available as freeware versions at no cost.

We design our products to provide you with an excellent return of investment (ROI). That is, your purchase pays off in no time at all because our software reduces many of your daily tasks.

Our feature software product, EventSentry, originally released in 2001 under the name EventwatchNT, is a comprehensive and affordable event log and system monitoring solution that can be integrated into Unix networks. We are the only company that offers a true freeware event log monitoring solution with EventSentry Light, a stripped-down version of EventSentry.

Our Vision

Users of EventwatchNT originally inspired us to develop our current feature product, EventSentry. Today, we continue to respond to customer needs by expanding features and improving the quality of our products. With this vision we are becoming a major player in the network and server monitoring market.

NETIKUS.NET proudly donates to a variety of local and global organizations to help those in need across the globe.