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Configure services on remote hosts.




Service Display Name

The display name of the service to manage. The drop-down list is initialized from the local machine. If known, the service key name (can be found either in the registry or in the service details on Windows 2000 and higher) can be entered instead, after a colon (':'). This informs AutoAdministrator that the value is using a service key name. For example, the Workstation service has the key name lanmanworkstation. To use this name enter




into the Service display name field.


Control Service



Query status

Outputs information about the service.  This is a non-destructive operation.

Example query output:

Service "Alerter" is STOPPED (Manual), using account LocalSystem

This is a non-destructive operation.

Start service

Attempts to start the specified service

Stop service

Attempts to stop the specified service

Continue service

Attempts to continue a paused service

Pause service

Attempts to pause a running service

Restart service

Attempts to restart a running or stopped service


Configure Service



Set startup type to manual

Sets the startup mode of the service to manual so that the service is not automatically started when the Operating System boots. The service can still be started if other services start it.

Set startup type to automatic

Sets the startup mode of the service to automatic so that the service is automatically started when the Operating System boots.

Set startup type to disabled

Disables the service so that it cannot be started, unless reconfigured to manual or automatic startup mode.


Remove Service



Remove service

Stops the service (if running) and deletes the service configuration. Service specific data (such as files, configuration) is not removed.

Remove service and file

Stops the service (if running), deletes the service and removes the associated file. Some service specific data may still be left, if the service used multiple files and/or saved configuration data in the registry.


Set Logon



Changes the logon settings for the service. These changes will not go into effect until the service is restarted (e.g. via "restart service" check-box, manual restart or system reboot).