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Shutdown / Reboot

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Shutdown, reboot, or cancel pending shutdown of remote hosts.




Shutdown / Reboot after shutdown

This option causes the selected computers to shut down or reboot after the timeout period has elapsed. The optional messages is displayed to users of the remote systems.



The number of computers to be shutdown/rebooted will be displayed in a pop-up before the shutdown is sent to the remote hosts. Please take care to make sure that this number matches the number of computers that are intended to be shutdown/rebooted.

Once the timeout period has elapsed, a shutdown or reboot cannot be aborted.


Cancel shutdown

This option aborts a previously scheduled shutdown. This option will cancel any pending shutdown  requests on the remote system (even if the request did not originate with AutoAdministrator). When this option is selected the Timeout, Force applications to close, and Message fields are disabled.



The timeout field specifies a delay in seconds before the remote systems are shutdown or rebooted. This gives affected users some time to save their data or abort the shutdown, if necessary.


Force applications to close

Selecting this option will cause remote computers to be shutdown/rebooted even when applications with unsaved data are open. Use this option with care.


Message (optional)

If specified, this message will be displayed on the remote computers before the computer is shutdown or rebooted. A timeout value (see above) long enough to give the read a chance to read and respond to the message should also be set.